ErgoSafes sustainable contribution

Being at the forefront is obvious to us

We want to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability in our industry and are prepared to invest the resources needed to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society for people, the planet, and prosperity.

We take responsibility for now and the future

ErgoSafe wants to take responsibility and has therefore placed sustainability at the top of the agenda. We believe in our influence and the benefits that are generated when it comes to our actions as a company for sustainable development.

The fact that we are a producing company with all our production and development in Sweden, have short decision-making paths, and a corporate climate that believes there’s always room for improvement, we see as central parts of our sustainability journey.

Svenska flaggan fladdrar i vinden och personalen på ErgoSafe njuter av en kaffe på den inglasade terrassen

ErgoSafes sustainability journey

Our philosophy regarding sustainable business is to care for people, the environment, and society, while the company’s profitability remains central. We want it to be easy for the customer to make a sustainable choice. We advocate for transparency in all stages, and in line with being a forward-thinking company, our ambition is to do things better, more efficiently, and to have sustainability at the heart of our daily decision-making.

For us at ErgoSafe, sustainability is a journey towards constantly becoming more resource-efficient and making better, more environmentally-friendly choices without compromising quality and safety.

Our focus areas

ErgoSafe AB supports the global goals encompassed by Agenda 2030. Based on these goals, we have identified focus areas where we believe we have the greatest opportunity to contribute to sustainable development. These areas are: OUR PRODUCTS, SUPPLIERS, KNOWLEDGE & DEVELOPMENT, and INNOVATION & NETWORK.

Our products


Knowledge & Development

Innonvation & Network


Swedish and Sustainable

We are a Swedish company with our own factory in Halmstad where all our manufacturing and development takes place. This ensures that you receive the highest quality products made by our well-trained staff. We operate in modern facilities with a top-notch working environment. Here, we produce sustainable products made entirely of recyclable materials, taking into account our natural resources.

Quality and Safety

As a forward-thinking company, quality and safety are always in focus at ErgoSafe. We advocate quality over quantity. For us, it’s essential to create products that are durable and of the highest quality. We have several product groups which set high standards for us as a supplier, standards we deem imperative to meet and exceed.

Sustainable Materials and Product Life Cycle

Glass and aluminum are the primary materials in our products. These materials are long-lasting, and our suppliers are ahead in terms of reducing the carbon footprint of the material. To us, sustainable materials are those that are environmentally friendly and align with the quality and margin our business requires. It’s also of utmost importance that the materials for our products are produced under good working conditions.

Responsible Handling of Chemicals and Waste

In our production, we aim to minimize the use of chemicals. ErgoSafe provides the best protective equipment for our staff, ensuring their safety. We meticulously sort all our waste and collaborate with a local entity for the best recycling.


Geographical Proximity and Environmental Impact

In our supplier selection, environmental efforts and personnel policies are as crucial as price and quality. ErgoSafe challenges both existing and new suppliers in their sustainability efforts. Working from our sustainability criteria often leads us to Swedish suppliers, which automatically contributes to more sustainable logistics and reduces unnecessary transportation. Many of our suppliers are located in and around Halmstad.

In-house Development and Production

Owning our production gives us the power to decide whom we collaborate with. Wherever possible, we choose partners who actively make environmentally friendly choices and operate sustainably. We take pride in our close and long-term collaboration with our suppliers concerning development and efficiency. Together, we contribute to smarter resource use. ErgoSafe takes social responsibility by choosing suppliers that align with ErgoSafe’s sustainability journey.

Safe Working Conditions

A basic requirement we have for our suppliers is that they have collective agreements. Legislation in the production country must be adhered to.

Knowledge & Development


We value participation, fostering an open environment where all employees are heard and included. At ErgoSafe, we have collaboratively developed our ROCKET, representing Respect, Responsibility, Customer-oriented, Simplicity, and Together. The owners and management believe it’s crucial for everyone to be on board in the journey towards a more sustainable ErgoSafe.

Career Opportunities

Continuous education, along with internal development and career opportunities, is essential for ErgoSafe to ensure that we remain at the forefront and can perform well today while ensuring a well-balanced skillset for the future. We are members of various educational bodies offering training and development for our staff. An integral part of this effort is our preference for hiring our staff over contracting. ErgoSafe supports all employees in their personal growth.

Minimizing Environmental Footprint Internally

Numerous activities, including informational meetings and group work, aim to include all staff so that everyone can contribute to the company’s sustainability journey and reduce environmental impact. ErgoSafe has also implemented measures for our employees to easily cycle to work or charge their cars right next to our headquarters.


New Business Opportunities Through Development Projects

ErgoSafe’s innovative ability is one of the company’s success factors and has led to several versions of ClickitUp® being developed to meet the user’s glass railing needs. The latest product development is glass railings with the Flex function, opening up new business opportunities. This is due to the option to upgrade with a movable upper glass, but also because the design allows for the fixed and movable parts to be ordered at different times by different customers but for the same construction project. Post-installation is easy and smooth, and once installed, CiUFlex looks and functions just like ClickitUp. Another development project is a new balcony attachment, aiming to streamline the installation and extend the life of the attachment and the balcony slab. Innovation is a natural part of ErgoSafe’s daily operations.

We aim to foster healthy competition where the customer’s needs and safety are paramount. Our intangible assets are crucial in this endeavor.

Collaborations for Innovation

When we lack in-house expertise, we readily collaborate with suppliers to achieve improvements in specific areas. A significant project has been the introduction of LEAN in our production to establish order and streamline processes.

For many years, we have engaged in numerous collaborations leading us to new innovative solutions and enhancements. ErgoSafe has mentored many students at Halmstad University in their development and final projects. It’s a given for ErgoSafe to cooperate with industry organizations and research institutes to ensure quality in our operations.

We have conducted a needs analysis to identify potential energy savings across various areas of our operations and the necessary measures.

Collaboration with Local Stakeholders

We collaborate with local stakeholders to contribute to a better community and elevate local involvement. For instance, we sponsor the local football team HBK and are one of the companies supporting “Walk for Water”.


Made in Sweden

We are proud to be a manufacturing company with all our production and development in Sweden. We see many advantages in being able to control and impact large parts of our value chain.

Together we do better

We want to work together with others who also make good choices for the environment and act sustainably. By owning our production, we have the opportunity to fully influence who we collaborate with.

Our "RAKET" leads us

We value participation, an open climate where all employees are heard and included. At ErgoSafe, we have collectively developed our guiding principles that form our "RAKET"