Glass balustrades for all outdoor environments

ClickitUp® is a premium glass balustrade made in Sweden with a focus on design, quality, safety, and function.

ErgoSafe’s glass balustrade ClickitUp® was launched in 2014 and is the original height-adjustable glass balustrade with free glass edges.

märke som visar att ClickitUp är mönsterskyddat

A glass balustrade - several variants

As protection from the wind, without compromising the view, we have our height-adjustable glass balustrades. In the same elegant and sleek design, we also have glass balustrades with only a fixed lower glass.

We always want to deliver the best solution with our glass balustrades for the user’s patio, terrace, balcony or outdoor dining area. To match this, we have developed several unique variants of glass balustrade. Read more about our different types of glass balustrades at 

ErgoSafe’s ClickitUp® branded glass balustrades are design-protected by: design right 002416248. 001-005. 3/3 2014. Our design protection means
that no other operator has the legal right to manufacture, sell or import copies of ErgoSafe’s glass balustrades within the EU.