Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


ErgoSafe AB is the company that delivers flexible glass solutions. The company was founded in 1996 and is a Swedish company with its own factory in Halmstad. We are proud to say that our products are Swedish and that they are manufactured with respect for the environment and society. Together with our knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture products with both quality and sustainability in mind.

ErgoSafe's products are all produced in the company’s own factory in Halmstad, Sweden.

Fredrik Johansson, CEO of ErgoSafe, founder, and co-owner. Together with Anders Berling and Lars Petersson, he owns ErgoSafe AB.

Electrically operated sliding hatches, both for public environments and Drive Thru, as well as ClickitUp® Glass Balustrades, which there is more information about at

"As a forward-thinking company, quality and safety are always in focus for us. We have numerous customers who place high demands on us as a supplier. Demands that we see as obvious to adhere to and live up to. To manage this, testing and verification of the products are required.

The legal requirements and tests that are required depend on which products are sold and where the products are mounted. All our electrically operated sliding hatches are CE-marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive. We perform product and lifecycle tests with our own testing equipment. For third-party verifications, we collaborate with accredited testing institutes such as RISE.

For us, quality and safety are always in focus. We have several intellectual property rights where, through our unique innovation work, we have managed to obtain strong protections on the global market."

Our RAKET leads us! We value participation, an open climate where all employees are heard and included. At ErgoSafe, we have together developed our guiding principles that form our RAKET. The words are Respect, Responsibility, Customer Oriented, Simple, and Together.


Our expert team at ErgoSafe is here to help you choose the right product based on your unique needs and work environment. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Here you can find our team

Please contact us directly or fill out the form under "Request a quote" on our website with details about the products you are interested in, and we will return with a quote as soon as possible. You can always contact us for guidance!

Delivery time can vary depending on product type and availability. For specific information on delivery times, please contact us directly.

Our various versions of Drive Thru and ErgoSafe's six different models of sliding windows are available in dwg and pdf which can be downloaded from Downloads.

Along with the quote and order, our product experts will draw up your order.

Absolutely! Our flexible glass solutions can be customized to your unique measurements and design requirements. Contact us with your specifications, and we will help you create a tailor-made solution that fits your needs.

Ergosafe AB provides a standard 24-month warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not cover: Incorrect installation. Use of the product in a way it is not intended for, external damage and wear parts. Dismantling cladding for access to the window, and the restoration of the cladding after completed work.

To claim the warranty, the window must be installed according to the installation instructions. Periodic maintenance must be followed and documented in the accompanying machine card.

It is not allowed to attach under-roof blinds or similar to the window's aluminum construction.

We recommend annual service on all our products, which creates conditions for an extended lifespan.


The glass is safety glass - tempered or laminated.


Glass and aluminum are our single largest constituent materials in our products. These materials have a long lifespan and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The glass we use in our products is safety glass and is resistant. The laminated glass is the most durable and remains intact even if it were to be damaged.

In our selection of suppliers, environmental work and personnel policy are as important as price and quality. ErgoSafe challenges existing and new suppliers in their sustainability work. When we work from our sustainability criteria, we often end up with Swedish suppliers, which automatically contributes to a more sustainable development of our logistics and reduces unnecessary transport. The majority of our suppliers are located in and around Halmstad.

Our electric sliding window is equipped with a 24 Volts DC motor, complete with accompanying control electronics and software, ensuring a smooth and reliable movement. To open or close the window, simply use the provided maneuver button. As for power supply, the window is powered by a transformer, which can easily be connected to a standard 230 Volts wall outlet.

With a quick button press, the window opens and then closes when the button is used again, and it closes the window all the way.


Check with the driver that the goods are undamaged and that the number of packages corresponds with the consignment note. In case of visible damage to the packaging or goods, or if a package is missing, you should make a written note on the consignment note at the time of receipt. The damage or absence must then be reported to ErgoSafe AB as soon as possible. Visible damage to the goods must be reported to ErgoSafe on the same day that the goods are used. If it is a non-visible damage that is first seen upon unpacking but can be traced back to the transport of the goods, it must be reported within 6 days after receipt of delivery. Do not hesitate to contact ErgoSafe with questions about damage to goods caused during or in connection with transport. Contact information ErgoSafe.

ErgoSafe uses specially designed packaging to protect our products in the best possible way during transport.

The terms regarding delivery and transport of your order are indicated on your order acknowledgment (OE). The OE also indicates the delivery week. The order acknowledgment states the date of the Friday in the relevant delivery week. We always contact the customer by email, if it is specified on the OE, before we send goods from us.


An instruction manual containing the installation guide is included with the delivery of ErgoSafe products.

Yes. We have trained and certified installers who perform the installation of our products. Many of our dealers have equivalent knowledge as ErgoSafe's own installers. Contact us to find out who installs our products in your area.

"An instruction manual with installation instructions comes with the window, and installation of the sliding window from ErgoSafe is possible but it is important that the installation is professionally performed.


To read through the instruction manual before starting the installation. Check that the dimensions are correct and that the product has not sustained any delivery damage.


An instruction manual containing the installation guide is included with the delivery of ErgoSafe products.

ErgoSafe recommends annual maintenance.

For the glass, use regular window cleaner and our aluminum profiles should be cleaned with a neutral cleaning agent followed by rinsing with water.

A tip if you encounter problems with the sliding window is to perform a reset, i.e., cut the power and restart the sliding window. If the window still does not work, then contact ErgoSafe's support.

Never hesitate to contact our employees for support. We are more than happy to help!

If the window is not working, we always recommend that you contact us. It is important for our sliding windows that annual service is carried out.

Either through our support page where there is a form to fill out or contact us and we will help you!

For our support to help you in the best possible way, it is good if you provide which model, year, and serial number of the window. This information is located on the window's CE label.

Either through our support page or contact us, and we will help you!


When disassembling ErgoSafe's sliding windows, the installation instructions should be reviewed and disassembly performed in reverse order.

Note! Risk of breakage. Handle glass with care. The product consists of glass which can break and cause injury if mishandled.

When disassembling V80, V80RG, V100, there is a counterweight to balance the moving part. When the counterweight is to be disassembled, the window must lie horizontally otherwise there is a risk that the moving part will fall and cause damage.


All metals are sorted as metal recycling.
Plastics and rubber are sorted as combustible.
Glass is sorted as fill material.
Electrical components are sorted as electronics.

BEING AT THE FOREFRONT IS A GIVEN FOR US. We aim to be at the forefront of sustainability in our industry and are prepared to invest the resources necessary to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society for people, the planet, and prosperity.

WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE. ErgoSafe wants to take responsibility and has therefore placed sustainability at the top of our agenda. We believe in our influence and the benefits that are generated when it comes to our actions as a company for sustainable development.

Being a producing company with all our production and development in Sweden, having short decision-making paths and a corporate climate that stands for always being able to do better are seen as central parts of our sustainability journey.

For ErgoSafe's glass balustrades, a secondary market has begun to emerge but so far only on a small scale. However, there is nothing to suggest that all our products cannot be disassembled and reinstalled. The products consist of durable and recyclable materials.